G.R.I.T.S., Love & The Paranormal

♥  A Paranormal Romance Series set in New Orleans.♥

Book One: Unlikely  – Launch date 8/20/2024

Book Two: Ungainly – Launch date 9/24/2024

Book Three: Unknown – Launch date 11/12/2024

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Ψ  Rock, Paper, Scissors Series: Ψ

Samara Yancy’s ability to find trouble is unparalleled. It starts with her getting tossed from The Guardian Academy and ends with her world on the brink of war.

With a sharp pair of Sai Blades and a loyal  Scooby-gang, she must navigate through an ever-changing web of lies  and betrayal. All while keeping her many secrets safe.

As she closes in on the truth, her enemy paints a target on her back. Time to show them what being unpredictable means.

“Great storytelling with many twists. Highly recommend!”

-Amazon Reviewer

“All her characters are spicy, but her books are clean.”

“I love Main Characters who make smart choices I can relate to.

“The fast-paced snarky dialogue had me laughing out loud.”

Jan Mau Hill, the author. A bespectacled middle-aged Caucasian woman with long flowing light blond hair and a wry smile.

About the Author

“Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. My career was in advertising and corporate marketing before transitioning to be a full time writer. I lived for decades in the beautiful Pacific Northwest which inspired the setting of my first book. Currently, I’m back in the deep-south where I tend to speak my mind and raise some Cain.”

– Jan Mau Hill